Multi spindle machine for turned components

Multi-spindle machine for turned components


A quality multi-spindle machine for turned components is produced thanks to years of service in the field which has allowed the company to meet any kind of request and need. The highly qualified staff is capable of producing among the best multi-spindle machines for turned components. The secret of the company is investing in new technologies with which it is possible to produce high quality products making it a true reference point in the national and international markets.

Count on Cardana S.r.l.

Cardana S.r.l. is the company that is specialized in producing multi-spindle machines for turned components a guarantee in the industry. Reliability and professionalism are the characteristics which distinguish us and that guide us in our work, our aim is maximum customer satisfaction achieved thanks to the dedication and passion that we put in our work. Multi-spindle machines for turned components are made by the company with care and attention using the best cutting edge machine